Pedagogical Training

I have been involved in the following formal pedagogical training:

  • Canvas Training – Advanced (Instructure, 2022)
  • Fall Festival: Teaching Dystopia (Brave New Teaching, 2021)
  • Ecopoetics and Creative Nonfiction Seminar (Syracuse University Project Advance, 2021)
  • Pear Deck 101 (Pear Deck, 2021)
  • Camp Engage (Nearpod, 2021)
  • Down with the Reading Quiz: Formative Assessments for a New Generation (Brave New Teaching, 2020)
  • Pivoting to Online Teaching: Research and Practitioner Perspectives (edX, 2020)
  • Keeping the Wonder Virtual Workshop (Keeping the Wonder, 2020)
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL): An Educator’s Guide to the Galaxy (NYC Special Education Collaborative, 2019)
  • Using Data to Differentiate Writing Instruction in a CTT Classroom (NYC Special Education Collaborative, 2016)

Aside from specific training in pedagogy, it is fundamental for my practice as an educator to develop my content area expertise. I strive to continue developing personal mastery of my subject area so that I can effectively convey that knowledge to my students. As a result, I consider my graduate education, ongoing research, and broad reading of published literature and social media platforms as vital components of my own personal pedagogical training. It is important to seek out new ideas outside of what my place of work provides, which is why I find social media to be one of the most revolutionary elements of my educational practice. I have worked hard to build a community of educators on Instagram so that we can learn from each other and share ideas that allow millions of students from all over the world to receive the best education possible. 

Facilitation of Pedagogical Training

I have designed and facilitated the following formal pedagogical training:

  • Using Nearpod to Increase Student Engagement (November 2020)
  • How WCHS Writes: OSEEC Structure (August 2020)
  • Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom (March 2019)
  • Designing an Effective Google Classroom (August 2018)